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Strategic and tactical HR support for small to medium-sized businesses.

Meeting Legislative Requirements

Is your company in compliance with all relevant legislation?  Do you know what the relevant legislation is?

  • Comprehensive and customized policy manual creation with language and policies tailored to fit your culture 

  • Implementation of policies and practices to meet employment standards and other legislative requirements

  • Development of policies and practices to meet health and safety legislative requirements

  • Delivery of mandated training

  • Protect your company from potential fines

Human Capital Strategy Development

Understand the future of your organization, and what human capital is required to make your goals a reality.

  • Assess your current and future required human capital and identify development or personnel gaps

  • Develop comprehensive HR strategies aligned with and supportive of your growth plans

Organizational Development

Enhance your team's effectiveness by designing a structure and culture that works for you.

  • Develop strategies to create the culture you want for your team

  • Build an organizational structure that encourages collaboration and learning 

  • Understand roles and responsibilities with comprehensive job descriptions

  • Get professional advice on and tactical assistance with complex employee relations issues, recruitment and selection, drafting effective employment contracts, conducting difficult terminations, determining appropriate compensation and more

We are excited to help you develop practical HR solutions for your business!  
Contact us today to get started.

Executive Coaching

Help key leaders meet their full potential by honing in on strengths.

  • Provide assessment and feedback through an unbiased third party

  • Work one-on-one or in small teams to develop critical skills in areas such as leadership and communication

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